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We are Danielle and Andy, a married couple born and raised in Wisconsin, currently living in Chicago, Illinois. We love travel – and every aspect of it! From the airport lounges, the flight, and even the hotel, its amazing how you can create a comfortable travel experience with a little planning and research.

While we were dating in college, we started traveling to typical domestic tourist destinations in the US like Washington DC, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, Arizona. It wasn’t until after we were married that we took our first international trip.

After we were married the fall of 2012, we took some easy trips to all inclusive resorts in Jamaica and Mexico. You certainly can’t go wrong with a week by the ocean and a swim up bar, but we were ready to expand our horizons.

In the spring of 2014, we took our first adventure trip to Germany and both loved immersing ourselves into a new culture half way around the world. We were immediately hooked and have never looked back! Since then, we have taken multiple trips around the world every year and have loved every minute of them. We always have a new trip in the planning stages.

We both have full time jobs – Danielle works in Human Resources and Andy works in Supply Chain. We both pride ourselves on working hard and reward ourselves by making travel a priority in our lives. We’ve enjoyed our travels so far but are ready for more. We are happy you stopped by our blog, feel free to reach out to us with any travel questions on our Contact Us page.

Happy Travels,

Danielle and Andy

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan - March 2015
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan - March 2015

Current Favorites:


Favorite Country: Germany
Favorite Cities: Berlin and Tokyo
Favorite Food While Traveling: Döner Kebab
Favorite Airline: Cathay Pacific
Destination Wish List: France, Thailand, Italy, Russia, Turkey


Favorite Country: Japan
Favorite City: Tokyo
Favorite Food While Traveling: Soy Sauce Noodles
Favorite Airline: ANA
Destination Wish List: New Zealand, Chile, Russia

Döner Kebab in Berlin, Germany
Döner Kebab in Berlin, Germany
Soy Sauce Noodles in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Soy Sauce Noodles in Kowloon, Hong Kong