Why The Netherlands?

Why The Netherlands?


I cannot tell you how pumped I am to go to The Netherlands! We leave in less than a week – so exciting! We are staying in Amsterdam but hopefully will have time to branch out to some other towns in The Netherlands.

You might have seen from our About Us page, Andy and I have been traveling internationally for about three years now. The more we travel, the more often we want to go on trips – we can’t get enough. This world is so incredibly huge, and I feel like we have seen so little of it!

Andy and I take turns picking where we go from our travel wish lists and this time it was my turn 🙂 There are so many reasons I want to go to The Netherlands. Here are a few:

Fresh Herring! Photo Courtesy of www.iamsterdam.com

The food: Hello herring! This picture of herring makes my mouth water! I have been eating pickled herring for as long as I can remember – we usually have it on special occasions around the holidays and it’s one of my favorite foods. I have never had it fresh so I am excited to try it. There is also stroopwafels, croquettes, and gouda cheese! Click here to see a great article on foods you must try in Amsterdam.

The drinks: There are a lot of interesting drinks as well – koffie verkeerd literally translates to ‘wrong coffee’ – it is a cafe latte. The Dutch drink their coffee black, so if you order it with cream or milk it’s wrong 🙂 but supposed to be delicious! The Dutch are also known to make their own version of gin called jenever which we are excited to try since we both like gin. And Amsterdam has a lot of microbreweries which we are always down to try 🙂

The culture: I have read that the Dutch are very tolerant and open minded, I think it will be very interesting immersing ourselves into a culture so different from our own.

Van Gogh Museum, Photo Courtesy of www.amsterdamwelcome.info

The art: Van Gogh is my FAVORITE artist and they have an entire museum dedicated to his works. The museum is organized in chronological order from his earliest works all the way to his very last painting – we already bought our tickets 🙂 Andy and I did a Bottle & Bottega wine and painting class of Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting last month… let’s just say it’s harder than it looks 🙂

Canals in Amsterdam, Photo Courtesy of www.RickSteves.com

The boating and biking: Did you know that Amsterdam has more canals than Venice? We plan on doing an afternoon on the canals – not sure if that will be in kayaks, a canoe or a little boat tour but it is going to happen! And as for biking – there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam. Biking is considered the main method of transportation to get around and I can’t wait to be a part of the organized biking chaos.  

We ordered a couple travel books to help prep us for the trip. We really like Lonely Planet books because they give you an insight to the culture, nightlife, and overall tips for the specific country.

I am also a really big fan of Rick Steves. If you don’t know who Rick is, he has his own travel company based out of Washington State. He focuses on European travel and I have watched his “Travel with Rick Steves” shows since my first junior high German class. I am pretty sure I am one of his only fans under 70 years old haha! Kinda makes sense though.. I am an old lady at heart 🙂

Make sure to come back within the next couple of weeks to read about our trip and see all the pictures we plan to take!  We will come back with a lot of great recommendations!

– Danielle

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